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«The Everything KIDS' Book of Outrageous Facts: Explore the most fantastic, extraordinary, and unbelievable truths about
English | ISBN: 9781440529924 | EPUB | 3.4 MB

Did you know… The average person eats up to 430 insects a year? Dinosaurs used bad breath as a weapon? A soccer player runs about …

«Greek Mythology» by Ken Jennings
English | ISBN: 9781442473317 | EPUB | 4.8 MB

Unleash your inner genius and become a master of mythology with this interactive trivia book from Jeopardy! champ and New York Times bestselling author Ken …

«The Ultimate Everything Kids' Fairy Tale Book: Get to know enchanted princesses, fairies, and majestic horses» by Kathi
English | ISBN: 9781440516184 | EPUB | 14.4 MB

From our bestselling Everything® Kids’ series comes The Ultimate Everything® Kids’ Books. Featuring hundreds of puzzles, jokes, recipes, and activities, these books are sure to …