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«The Magnum, P.I. Quiz Book» by Andy Groom
English | ISBN: 9781910295779 | EPUB | 0.5 MB

Were you a fan of the 1980s' cult American series Magnum P.I.? Can you remember the names of the four main characters? Was Magnum P.I. …

«What Would the Hoff Do?» by Mitchell Adams
English | ISBN: 9781787831230 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

Lesson no.1: Believe in yourself. ‘I’m six foot four, an all-American guy, and handsome and talented as well!’ Everyone knows you don’t hassel the Hoff. …

The Boob Book: (Illustrated Book for Women, Feminist Book about Breasts)
English | January 7th, 2020 | ISBN: 1452177597 | 112 pages | EPUB | 3.38 MB

Featuring 30 types of breasts, The Boob Book is an illustrated celebration of womanhood and the boobs that come with it. Scattered throughout are boob …

The Visual MBA: Two Years of Business School Packed into One Priceless Book of Pure Awesomeness
English | April 16th, 2019 | ISBN: 0358023955 | 208 pages | EPUB | 60.09 MB

Jason Barron spent 516 hours in class, completed mountains of homework and shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to complete his MBA at the …

«The Art of Fart» by Dougie Brimson
English | ISBN: 9781908886088 | EPUB | 0.3 MB

It is the most natural of bodily functions. In some countries it is considered a social faux pas whilst in others it is regarded as …

Sock Monkey Kama Sutra: Tantric sex positions for your naughty little monkey
English | ISBN: 144055451X | 2013 | EPUB, MOBI | 96 pages | 4 MB

It's time to bump fuzzies! You know what they say, "Monkey see, monkey do." Well, these sock monkeys have seen the Kama Sutra and boy, …

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek
English | EPUB | 33.0 MB

Space: The Final Frontier. Since the original series began in 1966, Star Trek has captured the imaginations of Americans and stimulated our curiosity about worlds …

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to The Walking Dead
English | EPUB | 93.4 MB

Walking Deadheads. Either you are one or you know one. Now in its seventh season, "The Walking Dead" has gone from cult hit to cultural …

Poetry from Scratch: A Kitten's Book of Verse
English | November 22nd, 2016 | ISBN: 1581574282 | 96 pages | EPUB | 8.25 MB

The newest entry in the feline literary canon is here… so pee on this, cat poet wannabes Hipster cats, stay-at-home-mom cats, windowsill cats, and outdoor …

English | EPUB | 38.4 MB

Your Favorite Renovation and Real-Estate Stars! Home is a place to live a life of your own design. A place that nourishes dreams and the …